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Printing equipment auction

Buy and sell used printing and mailing machines in our auction. Machines Auctioneer is a professional marketplace to liquidate your surplus printing and finishing equipment to buy newer machines or clean your space from unwanted machines. You can find machines for parts to repair machines that are hard to find parts for, or it is very expensive. Buying and selling in our printing equipment auction is very easy and hazel free.

Offset printng and binding liquidation

Machines Auctioneer offers used printing equipment auctions for every production size. For publications, book printing, and mailing campaign providers, our Auction is the best marketplace to buy and sell large printing machines where buyers and sellers are professionals in the same industry. We can help in rigging and delivery, and we manage payments.

celebrating 25 years
of experience in
The Printing Industry

Since 1996

3D PrintingDuplication of any material

Machines Auctioneer printing equipment auction is a marketplace for all printing or duplication of any materials. Not only a paper. We have auctioned a wide range of 3D printers, specialized die cutters, and forming machines.

Printing machines

  • Offset printing machine
  • Digital presses
  • Large format printing
  • Plotter and cutter
  • Banner and vinyl printer
  • DTG printer
  • Silkscreen machine
  • 3D printer
  • Label printe
  • Engraver

Binding machines

  • Perfect binding machines
  • Bookletmaker
  • Laminator
  • Die cutter
  • Paper cutter
  • Cover machine
  • Paper folder
  • UV coater
  • Hole puncher
  • Trimmer

Mailing machines

  • Perfect binding machines
  • Folder inserter
  • Tabber
  • Postage machine
  • Address printer
  • Envelope printer
  • Stamp affixer


Teamwork of America LLC Auction: Printing, Mailing, Industrial Equipment

Bidding opens on August 04th, 2023 @ 1:00pm CT
Auction first lot closing on August 10th, 2023 @ 1:00pm CT
Shipping available from Delivery Matic.

frequently asked questions

Although buying from an auction is available to anyone, we advise to initially start small. All sales are not created equal. Conditions vary from purchase to purchase, seller to seller. You may not receive all the information about the equipment you are looking to purchase. You may get a barely used machine. You may end up with a machine that is good for parts. Repairs on broken or damaged machines may cost more than the purchase price. Having as much information as possible will help you buy with confidence. Consider the equipment descriptions, shipping costs, potential repairs, and any additional costs before estimating your maximum bid. Remember: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Bid at your own risk. There are NO returns, refunds or exchanges. The sellers are not manufacturers or dealers, and will not offer customer support or after-sale services. Address questions to the seller before bidding. Don't be alarmed!!! Auctions provide excellent deals for those looking to purchase equipment online. Auction experience and connection with machine repair services are a bonus, but not necessary.

Choose how much you want to invest. You�ll find like-new or gently used machines for one-tenth of the MSRP price. Start building your own warehouse for a fraction of the cost. Buying from an auction means: Machines from multiple sources and locations, and better prices and conditions. We take the worry out of rigging and delivery. While our logistic partners finalize sales and shipments, you can focus on your more crucial needs. Build your knowledge and experience of the auction industry. Be aware you will always BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Some machines your purchase may require servicing or repairs- BE PREPARED. Auction machines DO NOT offer warranties or guarantees. Condition of equipment varies. We handle logistics so you can focus on making the best choices with the information available to you.

If you are looking to sell and/or liquidate machines you don�t need, then Machines Auctioneer is the right place for you. On average, FOUR weeks is the turn-around time for your sale; from listing with photos, finalizing description to signing the service agreement. Listing is straightforward because we make it for you. Our marketplace has access to over 3 million users. We ensure the listing is as accurate as possible. We�ll answer any questions from bidders in a timely manner. With our unique services and strong logistics providers, bidders can be confident in their purchases. Transactions are easy and swift to allow you to focus on your primary business.

We handle your shipping and delivery needs. Our partners will make ready for shipment any equipment you win during bidding. They can deliver to the location you choose, even home delivery. Services such as rigging and disassembly are readily available. We also provide for international buyers. We are able to locate a broker, prepare the proforma invoice, and load equipment in containers for shipping abroad. We are able to meet the needs of getting your equipment purchase exactly where it needs to go, so you can buy with confidence.

  • We can receive your equipment as consignee
  • Add value with cleaning and service (at our recommendations)
  • Prepare detailed description with photos and/or videos
  • Provide tools and tips to sell from your location
  • Step-by-step assistance for selling your surplus
  • Assistance with delivery for your out-of-state purchases (If possible)
  • Up-front pricing on all delivery and shipping needs
  • Confirm rate and time before you bid
  • Easily find and track what you need
  • Streamlined equipment listing